Oppose Unqualified Brett Talley for Federal Judgeship in Alabama

Donald Trump's recent nominee for a lifetime judgeship on the US District Court for the Middle District of Alabama, Brett Talley, is grossly unqualified. In an extremely rare decision, the American Bar Association unanimously rated him as “not qualified” for judgeship. The ABA criteria indicate that a person usually needs 12 years of experience practicing law to qualify for a federal judgeship. Talley has been practicing for a mere 3 years and has yet to try a case. He has never so much as argued a motion in a federal court, and has only participated in one deposition in a federal district court in his entire career. Moreover, he has a history of expressing extreme and offensive viewpoints. He has tweeted multiple times that Hillary Clinton should be jailed, and openly mocked the March for Science in April. Most appallingly, he used Sandy Hook to promote his pro-gun political agenda: in a blog post lambasting the outcry for gun control and promoting the NRA, Talley issued a call to arms for American citizens, saying, “...in our country, the common man is elevated as an equal with the state, a citizen that is as entitled to carry a weapon as any police officer or soldier.” Trump's nomination of Talley to a lifetime judgeship is outrageous, and blatantly disregards the acceptable qualifications for federal judgeship. Unfortunately, the Senate Judiciary Committee did not wait for the ABA rating before voting favorably for Talley, and forwarded him to the Senate with an 11-9 approval. Talley lacks the requisite experience to be a federal judge and was clearly nominated for his extreme politics rather than his qualifications."