Support HR 1: End Corruption and Defend Voting Rights - Passed House

UPDATE (03/08/19): The House has passed H.R. 1 in a 234-193 vote. The legislation now moves to the Senate for consideration, where Senate Majority Leader has signaled he will not allow a vote.

The 2018 midterm elections and the Trump administration’s entire tenure exposed deep-rooted threats to the health of our democracy, such as corruption, partisan gerrymandering, dysfunctional voting equipment, voter suppression, campaign finance violations, and dark money in politics. Now, House Democrats have introduced the For the People Act (H.R. 1), a sweeping bill to address many of these threats.

The bill would strengthen ethics standards for all three branches of government, e.g. by requiring presidential candidates to disclose 10 years of tax returns and prohibiting members of Congress from using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment cases. The For the People Act also contains many provisions to fight voter suppression, including national automatic voter registration, prohibitions on voter roll purging and federal partisan gerrymandering, and improved election security measures. Furthermore, the bill aims to curb corporate influence in politics by forcing Super PACs to disclose their donors, requiring government contractors to disclose political spending, and prohibiting coordination between candidates and Super PACs, among other reforms.

Voters on both sides of the aisle agree that addressing political corruption to protect our democracy’s integrity is a top priority, and Congress must act accordingly to pass HR 1.

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