Oppose Eric Dreiband as Head of DOJ Civil Rights Division

The Department of Justice Civil Rights Division plays a critical role in voting rights, police reform, housing, education, and hate crimes. Not only does the Trump administration's pick for the head of this department, lawyer Eric Dreiband, have no relevant experience in the above, but throughout his career has also consistently fought to support employer discrimination against women, mothers, Muslims, the elderly, and people with criminal records. He has even attacked the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over their attempts to ensure racial justice and famously defended the University of North Carolina transgender bathroom ban. Dreiband’s nomination has been widely condemned by civil rights organizations. “Mr. Dreiband is not simply unqualified for the extraordinary responsibility of leading the nation’s civil rights enforcement: he is morally unfit for the job,” Mara Keisling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, said in a statement following his nomination. However, his confirmation only requires 51 votes and none of the 52 Republican Senators have voiced any opposition. All our Senators need to hear that their constituents oppose the confirmation of this unqualified and dangerous individual to the DOJ Civil Rights Division."