Demand Proper Promotion of ACA Open Enrollment

While Republican attempts to repeal the ACA have faltered with the demise of the Graham-Cassidy bill, their efforts to sabotage the ACA have continued at full pace. Instead of faithfully implementing the ACA, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has repeatedly impeded the proper functioning of the law. HHS has inexplicably moved the dates of this year's open enrollment period (now Nov. 1 to Dec. 15) and slashed advertising funding by 90%. Since 2013, the Department of HHS has sent regionals directors to states to participate in outreach events to help promote ACA enrollment alongside stakeholders. This year, however, HHS told all 10 regional directors not to do so. Most brazenly, HHS has planned outages of the ACA website every Sunday morning during this period, knocking out one of the most popular times for individuals to buy ACA health care plans. HHS needs to be reminded that the American public is watching and will not stand by if it attempts to endanger our health insurance markets with political games. In addition to calls, you can also share information about the ACA's open enrollment period with those who may need it:"