Demand All Trump-Russia Findings Be Made Public

Despite the onslaught of breaking news stories detailing troubling fact after troubling fact of wrongdoings by Trump, his sons, Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, and other Trump campaign associates, the current Trump-Russia investigations have not been nearly as revealing or helpful to the American people. The appointment of Robert Mueller as a special counsel to handle the Department of Justice's investigation was much-needed, but this alone will not be enough to provide every answer the public wants and deserves to know. Mueller's focus is *only* criminal activity. Anything deemed non-criminal (such as financial ties between Trump and Russia, conflicts of interest, or other disturbing undemocratic behavior) will be kept classified, withholding critical information about the leadership of their government, Americans need to know. Congressional committees have the ability to make non-criminal findings public, but the current House and Senate Intelligence committee investigations have been mired in partisanship, especially the House committee. (Devin Nunes is still issuing subpoenas despite his "recusal" from the investigation.) The Senate Intelligence Committee has been holding hearings and bringing in critical people in to testify, however, they have been stonewalling during the hearings and refusing to answer questions in publicized sessions. An independent commission would create a public document of all investigation findings, and is the only way the American public will be able to get all the answers, regardless of legal criminality and free of political partisanship."