Preserve Federal Civil Rights Protections for Transgender People

Nine Republican House Representatives are currently sponsoring HR 2796, the Civil Rights Uniformity Act. This hateful bill would exclude transgender people from federal civil rights protections against gender discrimination. The bill specifically bans gender identity from being "treated as a protected class in Federal law or policy" without congressional approval, meaning that only Congress would be able to pass laws protecting trans rights. While this bill is likely just a political stunt that will never make it out of committee, its consequences could still be deadly. There is an established correlation between passage of bigoted policies like this one and increased rates of suicide in the transgender community. Hate-based law making fuels anti-trans attitudes at the highest levels of our government and sends a message to trans people that their rights and their lives are unimportant. Transgender people face significant discrimination and violence because of their gender identity, with over a quarter of trans people reporting being fired because of bias and half reporting harassment at work. Trans people of color also face even higher rates of discrimination than white transgender people. Eroding transgender people's rights at a federal level would endanger both their financial and psychological well-being. This latest assault on transgender people is despicable and unacceptable. We must make it abundantly clear that Americans will not tolerate these blatant attacks on transgender people's civil rights. "