Oppose Drastic Tax Cuts for the Rich

House Republicans have proposed a budget that dramatically cuts funding for essential services like Medicaid, Medicare, Meals on Wheels, and Social Security disability programs. If this budget is passed, middle and working class Americans will suffer, especially the older adults, children, and people with disabilities who depend on programs like Medicaid. The purpose of the House GOP's drastic funding reductions? Funding Paul Ryan's tax cuts, 99.6% of which would go to the wealthiest 1% of Americans. During his campaign, Trump repeatedly promised to defend working class Americans by preserving government services like Medicaid and Social Security. However, the House GOP's budget will make it impossible for many Americans to access the healthcare, food, and housing they need. Instead of cutting people's access to basic standards of living, we need to build a budget that will create jobs, raise wages, invest in education, and let people work towards a better future. Tell Congress to pursue a budget that supports and protects all Americans and reject any plan designed to enrich the already mega-wealthy. "