Preserve IRS Enforcement of the Insurance Mandate - Vote Thurs

While Senate Republicans scramble to develop an Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill, House Republicans are working in parallel to undermine the ACA through the federal budget appropriations process. The Republican-controlled House Appropriations subommittee has proposed a 2018 Financial Services spending bill that would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from enforcing the ACA's individual insurance mandate, which requires individuals to purchase insurance or pay a tax penalty that is either a set dollar amount or a percentage of their household income. The ACA's insurance mandate is an essential element of the law. The mandate ensures that healthy people purchase insurance, thus defraying costs for sicker people and lowering premiums for everyone. In fact, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that repealing this mandate alone could be enough to drive up premiums. Insurers have also used uncertainty about the mandate's enforcement to justify premium rate increases in 2018. Republicans must not be allowed to sabotage the ACA. The individual mandate is a critical component of the ACA and in fact promotes lower costs by ensuring a healthy pool of insured Americans. The House Appropriations Committee will amend and vote on the 2018 Financial Services spending bill on July 13th."