Shut Down Trump's Sham Election Commission

Earlier this year, Trump established an Election Integrity Commission, led by voter-ID law advocate Kris Kobach, to investigate alleged voter fraud. After the commission's inaugural meeting on July 19th, Kobach told MSNBC "we may never know" if Hillary Clinton won the 2016 popular vote because of "ineligible voters." It has been made clear by the commission's initial actions and its roster of members that its true goal is to instill distrust in our election systems in order to suppress the vote with stricter federal voting requirements. Kobach is a lawyer with ties to white nationalism who has helped write and pass voter ID laws in multiple states, many of which have been overturned in court due to their racially disparate impact and clear discriminatory intent. Other members of the commission include J. Christian Adams, who has a history of launching legal battles to purge voter rolls, and Hans von Spakovsky, who some credit for originating the tactic of voter suppression for the Republican party. The commission's actions have also been questionable. After requesting a host of private voter data from Secretaries of State, nearly every state pushed back, citing concerns of the commission's intended use of such delicate data. Tech experts also pointed out that the transfer and storage of the data on the commission's insecure system would be a hacker's dream. The commission even published on its new website 112 pages of emailed comments without redacting the citizens' private contact information and other personal identifiers. This commission's handling of voter information and perpetuation of false claims of fraud destroy its trustworthiness and credibility. It must be shut down to prevent any further attacks on our election system and voting rights."