Support an Independent Commission on Election Cybersecurity

In late September of 2017, the Department of Homeland Security notified 21 states that their voting systems had been targets of Russian hackers during the 2016 election. While not every state’s system was breached, the brazen nature and scale of the onslaught serve as a warning that unless we learn to combat this type of cyber attack, Russia and other hostile powers will continue to hack our voting systems. With nearly daily revelations that Russia also used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google to reach everyday Americans, more needs be done to understand the broader scope of Russian cyberwarfare tactics and develop effective countermeasures to protect the integrity of our elections.

One such step is to establish a commission to develop recommendations for all levels of government to protect voting integrity. On September 14th, Senators Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced a bill that would establish a 9/11-style commission to examine the cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats encountered in the 2016 election as well as cyber intrusions in other countries. The commission would also report recommendations for action at the federal, state and local level to improve cybersecurity of our election infrastructure.

While Donald Trump continues to show disinterest and denial in Russia's attack on our election, the government must address this grave and real threat to our democracy. Members of Congress must support this proactive step to protect our elections and strength of our democracy.

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