We’re the team making advocacy accessible.

5 Calls makes it easy for you to reach your members of Congress and make your voice heard.

We research issues, write scripts that clearly articulate a progressive position, figure out the most influential decision-makers, and collect phone numbers for their offices.

All you have to do is call.

Nick O’Neill and Rebecca Kaufman

Nick O'Neill and Rebecca Kaufman

This husband and wife team launched 5 Calls in early 2017 with the help of friends and volunteers. Executive director Rebecca runs legislation tracking and editorial content, while Nick directs the technical details for the site and apps.

nick@5calls.org rebecca@5calls.org

Editorial and Social

Rati Gupta


Jess Irvine


Amanda Nottke


Rachel Perkins


Eleanor Wertman

Rhiannon W

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Craig Doremus


Rob Brackett


Brand and Design

Mike Monteiro


Stewart Scott-Curran



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5 Calls utilizes data from and contributes to sources such as theunitedstates.io, Congress.gov, OpenStates / Plural and ProPublica.