Urge Congress to Defend the Affordable Care Act

This content is archived from the 116th Congress (2019-2020) and is no longer callable, we've provided this copy to remember the topics that you've called on during prevous Congressional sessions. Head back to the front page to see current topics to call on.

UPDATE (03/02/20): The Supreme Court has decided to hear the legal arguments in the controversial Texas court battle to overturn the ACA. Demand your representatives introduce and support legislation that protects the ACA from the frivolous suit over its constitutionality.

In early 2018, 19 Republican attorneys general and a governor filed a suit arguing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was legally invalid due to the elimination of the individual insurance mandate. In December of 2018, U.S. District Court Judge Reed O’Connor sided with the Republican plaintiffs, ruling that the ACA was unconstitutional. O’Connor quickly stayed his own ruling, and the ACA remains the law of the land while blue states appeal the decision. However, Congress must act to shore up the ACA and defend its protections for people with preexisting conditions.

The new Democratic House majority is already responding to the anti-ACA lawsuit. They will vote on a resolution affirming their ability to intervene in the suit on Wednesday, January 9th. However, a more comprehensive legislative fix is essential to meaningfully defend the ACA. Urge your House representatives to support the resolution in defense of the ACA and encourage all of your representatives to support a permanent legislative fix to preserve the ACA’s consumer protections.