Urge Congress to Pass Additional COVID Relief Measures

This content is archived from the 117th Congress (2021-2022) and is no longer callable, we've provided this copy to remember the topics that you've called on during prevous Congressional sessions. Head back to the front page to see current topics to call on.

Despite the recent passage of additional [economic relief] (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/28/business/economy/second-stimulus-package.html) measures, the lack of a well-planned and coordinated response to the pandemic has created the need for additional intervention. The December relief bill authorized $600 payments to support struggling Americans and extended unemployment benefits, increased education funding, additional PPP funds, vaccine coverage and a myriad of other measures. Yet there are several gaps, like greatly reduced unemployment insurance benefits and a lack of funding to states and local governments to pay for vaccine distribution and testing.

Congress must do more to support our economy and help people stay home to reduce coronavirus’ spread. Meaningful interventions include:

  • suspension of all consumer and small business credit payments (including mortgages, student loans, and personal loans);
  • suspension of negative consumer credit reporting;
  • a nationwide ban on evictions
  • suspension of rent and utility payments
  • increased monthly stimulus payments
  • restoring unemployment benefit amounts to previous levels.

Urge your representatives to push for additional measures that help people stay home and safe and address the real needs of Americans struggling to stay afloat during the pandemic.