Prevent Trump From Unilaterally Withdrawing from NATO

This content is archived from the 116th Congress (2019-2020) and is no longer callable, we've provided this copy to remember the topics that you've called on during prevous Congressional sessions. Head back to the front page to see current topics to call on.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was formed after World War II as an alliance between the US and multiple Allied European countries against retaliatory attack by Germany or the Soviet Union, and has continued to serve as a deterrent to Russian aggression ever since. Perhaps not surprisingly given his Russian connections, Trump has been consistently critical of our country’s continued participation in NATO. He has repeatedly threatened to unilaterally withdraw the US from NATO, which would weaken US influence in Europe while simultaneously empowering Russia.

In anticipation of this drastically harmful move, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) has introduced a bipartisan joint resolution that requires either Senate approval or an approved act of Congress before the President may withdraw the US from NATO. Senators and Representatives need to hear from their constituents that our participation in NATO is critical to protecting the US’s position as a major world power, and we must ensure congressional oversight to any decisions about withdrawing from NATO.

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